Pop. It would be easy just to leave it at that. Because pop is easy on the ear. In the case of the Non Talkers everything is simple too. The songs have that brightness of the eco-friendly pop. But here we’re looking at a pop which here and there crosses over into indie folk. Mathematically speaking, the sum of these two parts results in what could be called indie pop.

What captivates us most here is the combination of voices, one male, Marco Brantner, the other that of his Belgian wife, Evita. Love is in the air, you can feel it.

Non Talkers already have experience behind them. They have their roots in Brantner, who recorded their first album in 2014. After that Brantner spread their wings – a single in 2015 and yet another in 2018 (released digitally). This year the duo rolled up their sleeves, decided to leave the past behind, change their name and team up with Hugo Danin, who recruited a team of musicians and produced, with the help of João Bessa, their first EP in Bessa’s personal studio (Miramar Sessions). The EP, which will soon see the light of day, owes a great deal to Hugo Danin who, as well as producing it, also recorded drums and percussion; to António Casado who was responsible for guitars; to João Salcedo, on electric piano and accordion, and to Sérgio “Ginho” Marques on bass.

In the field, or better yet, on stage, they have the back up of great friends and talented musicians. Casper on electric guitar, Filipe Alturas on piano, João Rangel on bass guitar, João Arieira and Ricardo Pereira on drums, Melanie curto on violin and Mariana Antunes on cello.

The future beckons. The legacy of the past teaches us to surmount difficulties. When we have faith in ourselves and love what we do, everything becomes easier. Non Talkers aren’t Brantner – even though they are! They already have the know-how, now more than anything they want to do even better. Proof of this was the winning award on Rootstock 2020 and a new album that will come out soon.

We can safely say that the future belongs to the Non Talkers!

Nuno Ávila

translation by Janet Oswald


Marco Brantner – Singer/ acoustic guitar
Evita Brantner – Singer
João Arieira – Drums
Jorge Rasteiro -Electric guitar
João Rangel – Bass
Filipe Alturas – Keyboards/ backing vocals