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The music of the Non Talkers breathes pop, peppered with folk melodies. We can tell without a doubt that it’s going to be good. Their debut EP “Pendulum of time” includes simple songs which stay with us. A blend of voices backed by acoustic guitars, it’s like an invitation to a world of wonders. It promises a special record which it’s a pleasure to listen to. A record which depends largely on acoustics and on the contrasting male and female voices, Marco Brantner from Portugal and Evita Brantner from Belgium, a couple who are the heart of the band.  They’re relaxing themes which get into our inner selves and grab our soul.

A promising beginning, called Non Talkers, for someone for whom music has already been a way of life for many years.

Band members:

Marco Brantner – lead vocal, guitar
Evita Brantner – lead vocal
João Arieira – drums
Jorge Rasteiro – electric guitar
João Rangel – bass
Filipe Alturas – keyboard, backing vocals

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Team involved in the album recording:

Hugo Danin – producer, drums, percussion, programming

João Bessa – audio recording, mixing and mastering

Marco Brantner – lead vocal, songwriting, lyrics
Evita Brantner – lead vocal, lyrics
António Casado – acoustic and electric guitars
João Salcedo – electric piano, accordion
Sergio “Ginho” Marques – bass

Janet Oswald – lyrics review

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