The Non Talkers’ Endearing Celebration Of Their Honorary Member


After a very successful first EP release, Pendulum of Time, and a 2020 Best Indie Band award from Blue Rhymez Entertainment, the Non Talkers are ensuring their technically inventive reputation with a new emotionally charged single, Noa.

To those familiar with the sound of the Indie-Folk duo, Noa will indubitably hit differently. The leading single of their upcoming album, Roots, explores a more upbeat delivery and a splendid continuous harmony between the voices of Marco and Evita Brantner whereas previous songs were crafted in a dialogue-like manner. The Portuguese husband and Belgian wife authored the song with the additional input of the highly talented Paulo Baixinho (sound engineer), Ricardo Pereira (drums), João Rangel (bass), Jorge Rasteiro (electric guitar), Filipe Alturas (piano).

Noa’s origins came about 5 years ago when Evita was pregnant and suggested that she and her husband commonly pen a song illustrating their new-found joy of parenthood. Born prematurely at 34 weeks, little Noa carried her impatience to meet the world into her everyday personality. “We wanted to write a happy song that best depicted her brilliant mind and spontaneous nature,” shares Marco Brantner. And indeed, the jovial appeal of the record paired with the personal narrative (“Determined to see the world/ Pretty stubborn even before you were born/ With a smile that lights up any room/ Your free soul makes every heart bloom”) make for the Non Talkers’ greatest tribute to their honorary member, Noa.

The two musicians first laid the music then waited 4 years to better know their daughter to come up with the lyrics. The subsequent release that will take place on July 2nd 2021, attests to the growing status of the Indie-Folk band with planned physical CD and Vinyl distribution. With the reopening of both Portugal and the world concomitantly, the Non Talkers are lining up their live shows and performances to promote the single along with the album.

Known for their genuine nature and transparent lives, Marco and Evita Brantner are inviting parents and children alike to bond over the summerish tune and place for once family values before the modern trivialities.


by Mariana Berdianu

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Paulo Baixinho – Recording, mixing and mastering

Marco Brantner – Lead vocal and acoustic guitar

Evita Brantner – Vocals

Filipe Alturas – Piano

João Rangel – Bass

Jorge Rasteiro – Electric guitar

Ricardo Pereira – Drums

Production and songwriting by Marco and Evita Brantner