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The Non Talkers’ Dauntingly Emotional Tribute To The Victims Of Dementia

The Portuguese Pop-Folk married duo, the Non Talkers, are aiding those who’ve had their loved ones claimed by the devastatingly cruel dementia find comfort in their newest release, You Don’t Remember Anymore.

Evita Brantner’s classical voice tone carries the weight of rendering the composition a relatable experience while engulfed in her own personal tragedy. Shortly after losing her grandfather in 2014, the singer’s grandmother developed dementia and in 2017, while on the brink of being unable to recognize familiar faces anymore, Evita penned You Don’t Remember Anymore to cope with the virtual loss of her grandmother. Marco Brantner, her husband, collaborator, producer, and songwriter, attests to the unparalleled significance of the record: “It is one of my personal favorites of ours as I can’t listen to it without having goosebumps.”

The notable sonic commemoration divulges to the audience a much deeper and heartier version of Evita Brantner’s vocals. The feature lands heavily with pain and hurt as the singer had to perform multiple times with restrained emotions and tears in the recording studio. The words (“Now you don’t remember anymore/ Who’s that person walking through the door/ Your look is still so sweet and kind/ But we don’t know what goes through your mind”) harmoniously shape themselves along the impeccable interpretation of the electric guitar by Paulo Baixinho, the bass by João Rangel, the piano by Filipe Alturas, the drums by Ricardo Pereira, the cello by  Mariana Antunes, the violin by Melanie Curto, and the acoustic guitar by Marco Brantner.

Lasting an entire four minutes, You Don’t Remember Anymore reverses the current music trend standing at double the time compared to most songs on the 2021 market. This daring and equally laborious project binds trust, sentimentalism, and love-based principles at the core of the Non Talkers. The memorably crystalline lyrics amalgamated with the doleful organic instrumentation is yet another consistent reminder that the married couple is here to stay both musically and personally.

And if we are to consider that according to WHO a shocking 50 million people around the world are suffering of dementia, You Don’t Remember Anymore is a critical missing puzzle on the worldwide radio stations to comfort the relatives of these souls.


by Mariana Berdianu

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Paulo Baixinho – Recording, mixing and mastering

Evita Brantner – Lead vocals

Marco Brantner – Guitars, backing vocals

Filipe Alturas – Piano

João Rangel – Bass

Ricardo Pereira – Drums

Melanie Curto – Violin

Mariana Antunes – Cello

Production and songwriting by Marco and Evita Brantner