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Keyline Mag - Interview

Is music dead?Heck no it isn't!!! We are pumped to release this months issue of Keyline Mag. We have the luxury of showcasing some amazing talent from all over the world. From the UK all the way to the USA.This month we feature indie rock band "Non Talker...
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ON: Yorkshire Magazine - Interview

How did you get the title of your latest release, and what does it mean to you?‘Pendulum of Time’ is the most soulful song of the EP and we thought it would make sense to use it as the EP title. This song acts like an introspective on the entirety of your...
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The Median Man - Interview

Why do you write the sort of music that you do?I never really thought about that but I guess it’s our way of communicating with the world. When we come up with a song, we feel that it has something that it’s worth sharing and perhaps will resonate with ot...
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Second Society Report - Interview

In the past eight months as the world has been completely ravaged by the Coronavirus Pandemic it feels as though nothing will ever return to “normal.” With concert venues shut down indefinitely and a seeming pause on all other facets of live entertainment...
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Music Insider - Pendulum Of Time (Review)

Folk/pop fusion band, Non Talkers, have released their exciting new EP ‘Pendulum of Time’. This EP is a striking first statement as a band, which distinguishes them as a dynamic group on the cutting edge of their genre Read more...
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