Second Society Report – Non Talkers (Interview)

Artists have been forced to adapt and change their approaches to sharing new music, recording and even engagement- leaving many to worry about the future of their careers. 

But where there is darkness there is also light. And where there us hopelessness there is also perseverance. And though this year has made it especially hard to channel the positivity we all so crave, indie pop band Non Talkers are the epitome of a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary landscape. 

A husband and wife duo made up of Evita and Marco Brantner, Non Talkers are a Portugal based band decimated to bringing catchy pop sounds with a unique vocal and indie twist. 

Using the pandemic’s forced shut downs and changes of plans to channel their creativity in new ways, the band hasn’t let the year get them down. With a new single debuting earlier this year and several live stream performances keeping them busy- in addition to work on a new album- the band have exemplified what it means to adapt with your surroundings. 

And we were fortunate enough to chat with Non Talkers about their 2020 and what they hope the new year will bring in terms of new music and touring. 

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